Camping Thread


going camping this weekend. have been off buying bits & bobs all day. it’s bit of a bikepacking trial run, though i don’t have any of the proper bags or panniers or that, just strapping everything down like a right jake.

think i’m going to get myself one of those tiny wee light bivvy tents


Got myself a banshee 200 to go cycle camping round Scotland with. :smile:

Also got a 4 manner for when I just drive to the campsite, like next week :smile:


that’s the tent I have.

you pannier-ing it?


Yeah treated myself to a pair of ortileb classics, bungee cord the tent, bag and roll to the rack. Jobs a good un :smile:


^I’ve had this tent for fucking YEARS. It’s brillo.

oh @japes yessssss

i reckon bivvying would be fucking great. i want lots of pics of this weekend’s adventures plz


Only really ever go camping now when I’m on hockey tours. After an appalling nights sleep last year I gave up and slept in the car - it was an absolute revelation. Pretty much decided there and then that I wasn’t willing to sleep in a tent ever again.


Yeah I did a lot of research into this and ended up deciding to get one with a full wooden frame king size bed, cooker, sink and water pump, 12v electrics and plenty of storage, on wheels. Would recommend.


We’ve got this one for our family camping trips…

It’s defo about right for four people and all the accompanying crap. You can section of the sleeping area into two too which is good for keeping the kids in the own area :+1:


No idea about family type camping, just lightweight hiking nerd shit that costs more money than is sensible. My sister and family unit (inc 2 kids) have a Bell Tent which she loves but no idea on how that compares price wise to other types.

I’ve been involved in a wide range of camping disasters, typically involving wind, rain or fire. None really interesting enough to extend beyond ‘things blew down/got soaked/burnt’ so I won’t bore you with further detail.


I love camping, especially making food that I’d be ashamed of eating at home but which seems miraculous when made on a tiny gas stove


can any of you lot recommend me a sleeping mat? has to be lightweight & pack down pretty small

I wanted to get the alpkit one but it’s sold out until the middle of next month. fucking alpkit. you can’t actually buy most of their gear.


Every blog I’ve been reading has been harping on about thermarest ones…?

I just use a cheapo thing from Go outdoors.

Also; go on my Scottish adventure this weekend :smiley:


yeah they’re meant to be decent. £££ though.

good luck with the ride! I shall also be camping in the hills this weekend. kinda don’t want to even check the weather just in case it’s pish.


These guys are big boys of the sleeping mat world. Not cheap, but good stuff. Aplkit have almost certainly nicked their ideas and are selling something just as good for half the price, which is unfortunate for you.


yeah Im not doing that… :confused:


A superlight and super cheap alternative: foil

Doubled/tripled over it’s surprisingly comfortable and really insulated because of the foil coating. I’ve used it for single nights loads of times, probably wouldn’t spend a week sleeping on it though. Doesn’t pack small, but rolls up easily and can be lashed on to anything as it’s so light.


this one’s only £1.35


Certainly lightweight. These are pretty popular too:

Lots of people use them at multi-day events as they pack so small and are mega light. You do hear them pop occasionally in the middle of the night though…




get one of those tipi ones that’s mean to sleep 3. the 2 bed ones are too small. they are so easy to put up and are well nice