Do you go camping?

Bought a tent on a whim a while ago, and spent the night at a little rural campsite last weekend.

Was quite fun really, not exactly Ray mears stuff. We drove down, put the tent up next to the car, drank a load of wine, got fish and chips takeaway then went to sleep. Bacon sandwich in the morning on the little 15quid camping stove, pack up and back home.

There was a guy called Brian in the next pitch and he kept farting in his tent and his girlfriend was shouting at him.

Might do it again this weekend.

Are you a happy camper?

Hilarious camping anecdotes accepted.

Julia Davis’s Camping* is absolutely brilliant. Please watch.

*UK version


I think I’m going camping on Sunday. My mum’s got a camper van and she’s been camping in Scotland with tina and derek so now she’s stopping near me and we’re going camping. Don’t particularly want to go camping.

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she always puts me in the awning and there’s no walls and i freeze

Are you the dog

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Only did it as a kid with my dad and sister, and then later at festivals.

Think I’d quite like it now, aside from putting up the tent as I have no dexterity at all. If someone puts the tent up and takes it down for me, I’m there.

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Absolutely love it. Bought a decent tent for Green Man festival just so we can go camping now that we have a car.

Seconded, it’s fantastic

Definitely not the US version though.

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Fucking hate it. Would rather fake my own death than do it again.


I want a bacon roll now thanks

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Love sitting around a campsite surrounded by beautiful countryside chatting and drinking with my friends.

Wonder WTF I am doing camping again when I wake up at 3 in the AM desperate for the bathroom and have to get dressed, struggle into my shoes and trek across a dark field on my own. Then again at 6am.


Haven’t done much camping. I like how people thibk you can’t hear them once they’re in a tent. Camped next to an old couple in Australia once and thay started shouting when he brought a crab back. No idea if it was dead or alive but he refused to put it outside.


Sounds like it was in-tents.

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ban request


I’ve made this point before on here, but it’s one of those things that seems like a good idea at all times apart from when you’re actually there. You look forward to it, you come home and think “I’d like to go again, that was good”, but when you’re actually camping you’re just having a worse time than if you were at home.


There was a bit when I was young where we went on a family camping trip to Cornwall in which we had a car crash en route which resulted in my Dad having to leave the trip to go and get a new car from Kent leaving my Mum on her own with four kids (one of whom was literally one year old) and it absolutely pissed it down throughout to tent flooding levels and then I passed out for some reason.

I have absolutely no idea why they put themselves through it. Insanity.

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I camped for about 17 days in a row when I was in Canada this time last year, that’s a long time to camp for let me tell you. I was able to put the tent up fully in 150 seconds by the end of it though. There were always bears around and you had to pack every last little piece of food and toiletry away in a metal box every night, and the absolute worst thing in the world was getting all cosy in your sleeping bag and then remembering you’d left some sun tan lotion at the bottom of a bag.

The first couple of nights sleeping in a normal building after the camping was so weird. I’d wake up in the middle of the night in a panic and think, this tent is really big


have a pretty solid rule that when going on holiday that i won’t stay anywhere that isn’t as a least as nice/comfortable as my own house*, have done camping, hostels etc when i was younger and just cannot be fucked with being even mildly inconvenienced or having a shite night’s sleep when on holiday now

this rules out camping entirely

*i live in an averagely nice house, this isn’t a stone cottage style humblebrag

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Not any more. I used to go camping on family holidays every year until the age of 15, followed by many years at festivals.

I still have two tents at home, and a variety of sleeping bags.

Not any more. These days I prefer the comfort of a hotel.

The camping gear is gathering dust.

I like camping. Going next week.

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