Can a Corbyn thread survive on the new board?


People used to marvel at Corbyn threads on DIS 1.0. But despite some valiant attempts, one just hasn’t stuck here. Do the new boards have the neccessary conditions for that most venerable of thread types to thrive?

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  • No

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just waiting for the formality of the leadership campaign to be over so we can get back to peak corbyn
has smith stopped campaigning? haven’t heard from him in days


Had there been one called Corbyn Caller?


where is lord politics ?


Aren’t they on sky news tonight? Have they thought of anything else to say since the last one…?





until umlaut and ohgood get here

I’m afraid for/about the future of corbyn threads


He was! He really undermined May and got audible support from his own benches. Show’s what can be done if Labour focus on the right issue.

We’ve argued before about the wisdom of an Opposition setting policy too early in an election cycle but given the current situation I can’t help but think that it would help Labour to have a couple of specific policy positions to focus on in the coming months. Setting issues front and centre would give JC a way to define the post-leadership contest direction for the party and establish a clear agenda to bind the serial rebels to, as well as giving dissatisfied but war weary MPs cover to return to the fold without looking like hypocrites for not opposing a leader the no-confidenced 3 months ago.

If one good thing is going to come out of this leadership contest it should probably be the beginnings of a policy platform.




Bloody Corbyn only has to go and do something competent when I try and get a Corbyn thread going. Hopefully he’ll make some gaff this evening we can all disagree on.


I don’t really care enough to post in these threads, sorry.

I will say that I didn’t think Corbyn was very particularly bad at PMQs? No worse than any other opposition leader. It doesn’t really seem to have much purpose except for the current leader to try to grandstand and make glib jokes while the opposition get completely sidelined in any points they make, excepting a few THAT GIF moments.


There’s a Corbyn thread, and its really getting going. Rejoice!


geoff vs asita vs marckee: the bloodening


Latest JC news I saw: