Can all the tech nerds get in here

When is Bluetooth getting replaced by something that works


I’m confused.

Are you announcing this is happening or are you just venting because you can’t get your Bluetooth to work?

Oh god yes.

So sick of being out on a ride and my headphones stuttering in and out

Never have a problem with it, can only assume this is a bunch of iPhone users being iPhone usery


got no problems here, chief, except that sometimes when I come home while listening to music my phone will connect to the radio and start playing music before I’m even in the house and that spooks out my partner.

[adopts Andy Townsend voice]

“If anything he’s bluetoothed it a little too well”



Don’t ever associate me with that mob again

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Used to have a lot of issues connecting as did my wife but we’ve discovered if we suck up the small battery drain from having Bluetooth on 24x7 that connection is very good.

I very occasionally have a stutter effect on my earbuds but our speakers use some special high level Bluetooth and sometimes it seems to be really stuttery and messed up and I have to reboot my phone to clear it up.

  • I’m an android/Windows/whatever wanker and my Bluetooth is FINE
  • I’m an Apple wanker and my Bluetooth is FINE
  • I’m an android/Windows/whatever wanker and I have SOME problems with Bluetooth
  • I’m an Apple wanker and I have SOME problems with Bluetooth
  • I’m an android/Windows/whatever wanker and my bluetooth is FUCKED
  • I’m an Apple wanker and my bluetooth is FUCKED
  • Not on votebook m9

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Many people have tried to write off Bluetooth over the years, all of them dead wrong
Bet you were never a QR code believer either!


Apple wanker here. I think most of my bluetooth issues are with the other devices rather than my iPhone.

How can it be that laborious to pair something? How hasn’t it changed in two decades? Get it gone, bring back wires


For ‘some’ problems read ‘occasional specific problem with one device’

Don’t get me started on wires, the tangly breaking pricks


Do you turn your bluetooth off on your phone?

If I have previously connected a device it reconnects whenever I turn it on. (This is annoying if I have two devices on at once.)


  • Tangly breaking pricks that stop working for NO REASON
  • Occasionally fucked Bluetooth headphones that are mostly cool and magic

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I’m not biased your bias

Yeah it remembers devices, I just think it seems like an oddly old school process, doesn’t work consistently or at least as consistently as every day tech should. I’m just surprised there isn’t a better way.


Yeah, I think there must be other factors. I definitely used to have a lot more trouble with my older phones. It all seems to have settled down for me now.

I do have a wanker Garmin watch and before that another cheap android, which latch on via bluetooth constantly so maybe that somehow ‘warms’ the connection routine?

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My issue is removing the 3.5mm jack entirely. I will never not be team “give me a fucking jack”.


My wife bought Air Pods and if she so much as touches them they’ll steal my Spotify and it takes a minute or two to sort it out. It’s very annoying, but at least it led to her getting Sheets of Easter’ed the other day.