Can anyone help me plug in a Mac?


I’ve got a new Mac off a pal, and I can’t work out how the monitor plugs in. Only two of the adapters fit in, and it don’t light up when I turn it on!

Am I missing a bit? Do I need a different monitor?

If anyone can help, I’ll kiss you.

I’m truly at the end of my tether.

Have you got power going to the monitor?

Thanks Epimer!

No. There’s a few more holes on the back tho

Could it be any of these?

I’d assumed it was phantom powered :ghost:

Fuzzy and I’m not au fait, but it looks to me like the one under the power cable in the middle of the stand is a displayport slot.

Big white cable is the power in the monitor is the power. Display port should look like a thunderbolt connection?

Thanks guys.

So there are two thunderbolt sockets on the monitor and two on the pooter.

Shall I just buy a thunderbolt to thunderbolt cable, then?