Can anyone identify these obscure rock tracks, and Morricone-esque track?

Can anyone identify these elusive songs in the background of this audio? Audio is from BBC shows that use commercially available music and sometimes production library tracks. Despite all the TV soundtrack lists online, these have never been ID’d. Any help ID’ing them would be greatly appreciated.

Mystery Track #1

Features slide guitar and synths of some sort. Sounds 60s-70s era, possibly library track (somebody like Alan Parker, maybe?)

Mystery Track #2

Folk rock track featuring glockenspiel/marimba.

Mystery Track #3

Sounds strikingly like Ennio Morricone, but I don’t think it is.

Yeah, probably recorded by session musicians in downtime for a sound library. A friend of mine owns a recording studio and when nothing is booked in he gets friends to come in to make music which they sell for use by film and TV.

No idea who the bands are, and no idea why they’ve all used samples from Top Gear in their music. Weird thread.


haha no thanks