Can anyone on DiS tell me what a sniper does?

I know it’s probably a long shot


Cuts things with scissors?

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They don’t just shoot people

This is my one proper joke

I know a sniper. He’s an absolute fucking dickhead but I would only ever say that to his face


Sniper no sniping



Remember that American Sniper guy and it turned out he was a complete liar?

He was actually Puerto Rican

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The earliest form of the sniper was invented by Joseph Whitworth. Would be cool if we didn’t have streets and art galleries and that named after him really.

Puerto Ricans are American too

That’s some good knowledge!

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Michael Snipe

They’re a group of fans dedicated to the work of Wesley Snipes, they go to conventions dressed as Blade and that.

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See you in court

I watched this film the other day. It was good fun, but the fox character seemed like he’d been beamed in from another story.