Can anyone please recommend good places to shop for nice (and reasonably priced) art-work in London

Looking to go somewhere I can actually see ‘in the flesh’ so to speak in order that I know the colours aren’t wildly different to how they appear online.


I assume that you mean original art work, rather than prints?

You just missed it yesterday, but loads of galleries have their exhibition launches and open their doors on the first Thursday of each month.

Also the Frieze art fair in October

and especially the Affordable Art Fairs in Battersea and Hampstead

Are worth visiting.

Can you get reasonably priced stuff at Frieze? Mate of mine who works it every year says it’s mostly millionaires buying shite for extortionate prices.

That’s the bulk of it, yeah, but there are usually several artists doing specials or signed prints throughout the weekend.


Yeah the mate in question is what you might call a ‘struggling’ artist so he’s probably got a biased slant on the whole gig.

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He said “reasonably priced”

Seem to remember this not being too bad when I went one year but it’s not until October.

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Art beeves! Art beeves! Art beeves!

See my reply above. I’ve seen the likes of Tracey Emin selling her A4/A3 hand sketches (which are really good) for less than £200 a time.

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And only £36 + fees to get entry to the Frieze Art Fair in the first place. Bargain!

I’ve never paid full price to get in there. *taps nose *

Coke dealer discount, eh?

I have done in the past.

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Yeah although when I went the first thing I saw was someone who’d framed some pencil shavings and wanted a grand for it and I almost walked straight out.

But yeah in general I thought it was decent.

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They don’t sell framed pencil shavings there, those are vegetable crisps and you’re in the café.

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How many vegetable crisps do you eat in one sitting?

What is art?

Yes, now I’ve got you all thinking.

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the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

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EU art