Can anyone please recommend good places to shop for nice (and reasonably priced) art-work in London


I’m assuming you mean prints and stuff.

Jealous are pretty good. Have shops in Crouch End and Shoreditch.

Print Club used to sell stuff from their place in Dalston, not sure if they still do. Can often get some real bargains there. Got a Ben Eine print for £35 a few years back.

Stolen Space on Brick Lane has some nice stuff

Nelly Duff, but not been in years.

Half the things I buy are sat under a bed never to be framed.

And the Moniker fair is really good but, again, not been in ages.

Hmm - maybe I’ll go this year…

Ah, mate. Thanks. I will do.

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I know it doesn’t really fit the OP’s criteria, but find a lot of stuff via artists on Instagram. Recently got something by Pref after seeing something by him on whatever the browse feature is called. Was 20 quid or something.

Also, one of my most treasured ‘art’ things was peeled off a wall in San Francisco (some Barry McGee sticker tags).

might want to go down the west end