Can anyone reccomend a good hosepipe connector?

I am addressing you all but will really only take @marckee advice seriously

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We have a Hozelock hose and their kit of parts seems pretty decent and universal.

oooh, this feels like the thread for me. As a rampant tory, I’m thinking of spending under £100 on equipment that migh make out small area of decking look slightly cleaner than it does at the moment. for this, I’ll need a hose pipe and a power washer. Can anyone offer any advice on these items, please?

Do you need to buy the hose as well?

At the moment water is going everywhere other than out the end of the hose, I can seem to find any connectors that sit flush on the hose and tap

no need to ask, he’s a
hosepipe connector
hoooooosepipe connector

I can Avery, I can! The reason I need a good connector is I have been trying to use a power washer but the hose keeps coming off the tap or popping out of the power washer, its a night mare!

You can buy connectors and accessories on their own

I knew you would come through, thank you!

hozelock, but literally any are fine

oooh, this exciting! Can you recommend a setup that will come in at under £100? we currently have about 2m of hose with no connectors. I think Ideally, we’d have a hose that’d be long enough to stretch through the house, so I can use the washer to give my car a good seeing to.

I need a good one, as the ones I am using keep coming off under the pressure, the hose is very long.

This is exactly what I was trying, I got my Dad a K2 karcher power washer for a £90 and he hadn’t used it in 18months. So I decided I wud use it to clean my car to save time and ££. It has been more trouble than it is woth but I am determined to get it working properly. The karcher works very well its the hose and connector set up that are failing

We’ve got one of those extednable XHose’s. We’ve had it a few years now and I highly recommend it. Very easy just to get it out turn it on and watch it grow (oo-er).

WOAH! that hose never kinks?!

Nope I’ve not had a problem with it, it shrinks right down when it’s not being used.

I keep seeing this and thinking its too good to be true, have you used it a lot and its worked well with good water pressure?

how does it not shrink when it is being used?

Yeah ours is a few years old and as good as new. So much easier to put away. We’ve got a very high water pressure and an outside tap.



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