Can anyone recommend a beginner DJ setup?

While I always DJ with two turntables, a two channel mixer and seven inch vinyl only, I think people getting married only need Come On Eileen, Let’s Twist Again, Agadoo, something by Beyonce and stuff like that so why bother with doing the job properly, right. Pre-programme all the hits, take the money and run.

does everyone who gets married turn into itv viewers or something?


These people are friends who i value dearly so they’ll get 3 or 4 beyonce tunes and absolutely nothing else from that list

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Looking at getting a basic turntable setup for use at home, can probably stretch to a budget of £400ish.

Seems like the Audio Technica LP120s are well reviewed, and a pair can be picked up second hand for around £250-300. Are they decent? No idea on mixers, I thought 2 channels would be fine for now but there seem to be a lot of basic 4-channel ones around too for not much more money.

Any other recommendations and things to look out for would be appreciated!