Can anyone recommend a free CV template resource?

Sorry for the veeeerrrry boring request.

Trying to help my other half update her cv, which is looking pretty fusty and dated + the formatting is borked and all over the place.

Assume there must be somewhere that I can just pick a nice template from to transpose it all over to, but so far I’ve just gone down a painful rabbit-hole of places that look like they reel you into paying for stuff.

Tbh, I wouldn’t even mind paying a small amount if it’s going to be decent, but it’s very hard to tell which sites are a bit scammy from those that aren’t these days.

Anyway, any recommendations would be great, thanks.

I’ve designed a lot of people’s CVs and would be happy to help out for free, if you/they are interested.

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What have I done!?

That’s an incredibly kind offer

Are you sure you have time to do that / are genuinely up for it?

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Absolutely. Sad as it sounds, I quite enjoy it. Send me a DM and we’ll sort it out :slight_smile:

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