Can anyone recommend any good Spotify promotion services? My other user account can!

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Hi guys!

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They might have contacts, but actually getting on their official playlists (particularly the main ones) is rare if you’re not signed to a label of note.

Best bet is aiming for smaller curated playlists and other artists who have their own playlists.

Did anyone reach a conclusion

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I used Burstimo for a little while, but then I discovered my credit card details had been sold on the dark web so I will never use them again!!!


Impressive number of clickthroughs for this, can we compare selenium scripts?

What did you use Burstimo for, that sounds like a nightmare it looks like they started this thread anyway judging by shameless plug at the start so backfired a bit !

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Yeah, I can’t stand people who post on message boards with hidden agendas. How do you feel about that @MaryP?

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Havent decided on my agenda yet but you do need one but no need to hide it most of all agenda I guess is build understanding of how people can help what’s yours ?

Can I be honest with you Mary? I’m an undercover cop, and I’ve been working this case for the last three years that’s driving me crazy. There’s no-one I can talk to about it, it’s just so lonely. I can’t go into specific details on the case, but basically there’s a strong link between Spotify promotion services and arms which are being sold to North Korea. It’s pretty intense stuff, but we’re so close to cracking the case and bringing down the whole organisation now that it’s keeping me going.


Wow now that is an agenda .

I tried Submit Hub, but I burned a lot of money with it. Because you need to pay for every submission. When they decline it (what all of the blogs did), you dont get anything back. I had a pretty successful song, which also made it to some official charts (Top 10), but all blogs refused it. Maybe they get tons of music every day, so they dont have the time to check them all.

I know that you can also text the playlist owners by yourself but this is so time intensive and also with less results. To be honest, I don`t have the time for that, I have a normal job (8hours a day) and the rest I want to spend with my family and doing music, I am not a marketer lol and I never wanted to be.

I hired a couple of companies who do Spotify promotion like Playlist-promotion, Playlist Push, Falling Apple, Amw music group, Musicchannelpromo, fresh ten, etc. I have tried many, but the company I always do an order is they have the best prices compared to the streams you receive at the end, they guarantee placements and they place on real playlists (because you also gain followers, savings and get placed on other private playlists). Also the music stays a couple of months on the playlists (not only one month like for example with Falling Apple) and their contact is simply the best. They reply within 24hours. The worst contact service has propably Playlist Push, I was waiting sometimes over 7 days for an answer, in case they answered lol. I think they only answer on questions which they like to answer. Also they have good playlists with real followers which bring back organic traffic, savings, and followers, but they are just pretty expensive (2-3x more than playlist-promotion) and simply almost have no contact service.

Musicchannel and Freshten also have some good playlists, but they only have their own playlist playlist network, except Freshten, but some of their playlists does not perform. Seems like they dont proof their playlists for real followers. Some playlists have thousands of followers but only bring 10 streams, cant be real. Also I was not gaining much followers or savings with them, only a few. Watch out for companies which sell streams or give guarantee with streams, they are the worst! I guess everybody know that you cant sell guarantees on every song, because there is good and bad music ;) Also I would not recommend offers, 98% of all playlists offers are full with fake follower. I only had one good contact there, but she left Fiverr. There is also an offer for a 80k playlist (something with "Goldis Top Hits") on which is the same playlist like they sell at Spotiplays .net. Also not to recommend, 20 streams within 7 days on a 80k follower playlist. Bad bad performance.

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Unless you spend about half of that time on what is meant to be a music website arguing about Malcolm in the Middle and cycling then I’m sorry but you do not have a normal job.


Hello, thought I would give my two cents on this as I have bought from many services both on Soundcloud and Spotify. The majority of websites out there as you may already know just provide fake plays (I can’t tell you how many times I have bought a Soundcloud service which turned out to be bots). The best service for Soundcloud promotion I have tried is The price is affordable for what they offer and have great support.

In terms of Spotify promotion, I have recently been using for my releases. They add your track to a playlist which is the same genre as your song and have received some great results with them as well.

Don’t use streambeat! They just spam your track with fake streams.

If anyone has any other recommendations they have had success with, please let me know as I am always looking for new ways to promote my music, thanks!

This was a great read


Getting on independent playlists can also increase your chances of getting on spotify playlists - find RELEVANT playlists to your genre using a database like PlaylistCity and email curators directly

not on spotifybook tbh

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There’s a reason it’s in classifieds rather than music.