Can anyone remember what this song often on Kerrang/P-Rock was

There’s a video in my head I used to see loads on one of those channels but can’t remember who it was by.

All I remember from the video is its a tour/live video from a band in the UK (maybe from US, maybe from the UK) and it starts (I think_)showing the sign above the venue saying TONIGHT then naming three or four bands who were on, I think one was Saves the Day

the video also shows the camera going down the line of people waiting outside to get in

it’s a similar vibe in video style and music to Sugarcult’s Bouncing Off The Walls but I can’t remember this one at all

any ideas?

I think I remember this

Yeh I remember this…great vid.

Wish I knew what it was though

Its annoying the only thing I can remember is the camera panning quickly down the crowd waiting

I think it might have been a newish band for the time (which is why they were showing off the crowd and the gig being sold out) but I proper can’t place who. Can’t be too much of an obscure song or video

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The fast panning is what I remembered from it too

Here we go

Not sure that’s the one I was thinking of actually

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I think this might be different to the one I think it is, not sure this one was ever on TV and I remember the panning bit being in black and white

I can picture it, sort of pans along the queue and peoples legs before the TONIGHT billboard and then the video is a load of live footage right? With some stage diving I think?

Yeah I think so, sounds familiar

Really frustrating me this

Me too now.

I have a feeling it was a UK band but I might be wrong there

Really annoying me this