Can anyone spare a Meerkat movie code please? (rolling)

Please guvnor! Already used mine for this week and need another one. Possible reward forthcoming.

Sent you one



What are you going to see?

Not only do I not have one to spare, I don’t even know what one is

Do you have to have bought something from the compare the meerkat company to get these?

Hahaha balonz buys stuff from the compare the meerkat company!!!

I’ve always said you’re the best DiSer. Thank you B-man :pray:

You are starting to sound like a non-HDUKer!

In fact I bought some travel insurance from there just yesterday. I didn’t even go for the cheapest (£3.50).


If it’s a date, all I ask is that you speak about me for one half hour.

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I’m a gio compario man myself

Fuck that Spurs twat!

I like to use a little known comparison service called MY BRAIN

Your favourite new release Disney’s The Lion King (2019). And seeing Once Upon a Hollywood tomorrow.

I hope you somehow enjoy yourself x

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It is a date. And it’s only happening because I ran out of time speaking about you on the last one.

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Tbh I plan to be smooching for the bulk of the running time.

Getting hot and heavy during The Lion King (2019) eh… :wink:

You know me! :smirk:

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