Can everyone please clean their washing machine filters when they get home (now if you already are)

It will only take you a minute and could save you a lot of hassle. I have had a lot of hassle this morning.

I got your backs.


Hi Lonzy, I’m anticipating the arrival of a new washer/dryer in 11 days, is it ok if I don’t bother tonight?

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You should be fine, I hadn’t done it in the three years since I got it. It was a flipping mess.

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I think I’ve only ever cleared out the filter after it’s got blocked

Doesn’t really happen now I’m the sole person in charge of the laundry - but thanks for your concern

also my machine is quite new

I reckon it’s a disaster zone in our current one, it absolutely stinks (hence the arrival of a new one in 11 days)

I got the drain hose on the go and it was coming out so slowly that I thought I could get away with removing the filter. I could not.

Don’t know what any of this means


Gallon of water on my fucking kitchen floor now.

Thanks Balonx



I also smashed a bottle of strawberry beer that I have had for over a year that I was never going to drink and it stinks.


You have to drain it first!

Hi Lonz,

I did mine on Saturday. I also fully cleaned out the drawer where you put the fabric softener etc.

Many thanks,


And now we have the full instructions :roll_eyes:


I did mine just before Christmas, before putting on a drum clean cycle with some soda crystals.

Great work meowington

I remove mine after every wash, rinse it and leave it on the side to dry. Saves having to suffer that build up of gunk in your drawer.

^This is a far better tip than the OP btw

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You’re a good boy marckee

I’d have you locked up for that sort of behaviour

I got a new washer/dryer in November last year. So far it’s washed and dried adequately. I sincerely hope yours does the same.

Washer/dryers UNITE

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i’ve never put anything in the drawer, everything goes in the drum

clothes come out clean so idgaf