Can everyone please clean their washing machine filters when they get home (now if you already are)


Mine is a washer dryer and we don’t usually use the dryer but I did the wash prior to the failure! Let that me a warning to you, bay.


No softener?!



Some very mild fluff build-up. Otherwise nothing to worry about.

This thread is a farce.


I’m going to print out this thread and pin it to the washer/dryer too.


You know what Onzlo, I’ve got a free weekend and short of putting the Christmas decs into the loft I was planning on doing fuck all but consider this added to my list.


Hahahah Noah’s got a tiny filter!

I’d show you mine but it is currently on a drum clean.


Thank you for your kind wishes x


no i don’t believe in it


At least mine’s in good working order


Never done it. Don’t know where it is on my washing machine.
Remember when I asked you to check if your washing machine had a ‘base plate’ on the bottom as mine didn’t. What a day that was!


why don’t you believe in it?
is it like lip balm?


i just downloaded the user manual for my washing machine to see what it’s about. says you should drain it first or you’ll get water all over your floor.


Probably my favourite ever DiS moment.


have just never used it. my clothes are soft enough already. idk.


Many thanks for the reminder. Sunday will be washing machine day. Sonic Youth will provide the soundtrack, obviously.


classic use of a shallow baking tray in a fruitless attempt to catch all the water spilling out


Oh no - it was fine. There were only a few drops left after my initial attempt based on Balonx’s feeble instructions in the OP


Probably good to give your floor a clean anyway.

My pleasure.


if the filter is actually blocked then the problem is the machine won’t drain - so then you really need that baking tray


I also do ^this. Top tippage NV :+1: