Can everyone please clean their washing machine filters when they get home (now if you already are)


recommend an empty wash on the hottest temperature (plus detergent) to help resolve a stinky washer. Not necessary now, but a tip for the future


Thank you for this tip.


Thanks mate. Good to know the thread has delivered something of use :+1:


I live to give.


And please make sure all the fluff is cleared out of the tumble dryer. This is actually really important as is a big cause of fires.


My machine makes me do this (happening as we speak!)


Lovely bit of H&S there


i don’t have a washing machine, i do my laundry in the softly chuckling brook behind my house


No worries M9. Almost makes up for that absolute clusterfuck of an OP.



Please ensure that the lint build up in the gravel bed is not affecting grayling stocks.


Pretty clean


Tumbler dryer is a state though


how do we do this? where is the filter?

I also need to get that stuff to clean the dishwasher. will do it later, I promise.


Mine looks like this and that entire thing was just a bundle of lint, yo.


Should be at the front bottom somewhere. Google your machine though and don’t be a Noah and drain first.


Teachers pet


Wtf I didn’t know about this I thought u were referring to the mesh thing, I have never cleaned anything that looks like that!!!


This is a good reminder, thanks! My soap drawer game is pretty strong, but I’ve had to run extra drainage cycles on a couple ignored loads recently and I think it’s filter cleaning time. There’s a load in right now but I’ll give it a go in a bit and report back!


I did mine last week, thanks for the reminder though. I have also banned my TV from using ‘colour catcher sheets’ as they are a) prone to finding their way into the filter and b) bullshit.


softener + sports clothing do not mix well so I haven’t used it for about 4 years now