Can everyone please clean their washing machine filters when they get home (now if you already are)


I use white vinegar

Not on Facebook etc.


My filters at the back of the washing machine so I literally have to disconnect the water supply to clean it :expressionless: I’ve done it before it was a real pain




woah why not?


Many types of athletic wear have wicking technology to absorb sweat from your skin and keep you cool when you’re working out. If you use fabric softener on these garments, it’ll leave a coating that will prevent them from well, wicking.

Also I have quite a few things with DWR stuff on them which is ruined if you use fabric softener too.


Did mine the other day as water was backing up in to the machine and one of the babies socks was in it.


I want to start doing this - how does it leave your clothes and can you use it on towels?


yeah I’m the same - neither my last or current machines have ever seen fabric softner

Even without the sports clothing thing I’ve never really felt a need for it


I’d probably use the word disgrace.


Can’t believe that some people are so mean spirited that an act of kindness can get this sort of treatment.

You will be in my prayers if I ever pray again.


I have now done this - my filter contained hair and some twigs, like someone had tried to build a little Blair Witch symbol in there. Also, I had to drain off c2.2 litres of water from the drainage hose first, which was annoying.


Great work Shigz. I had some twigs and a label too.


Probably just leave it ladz.


Snazzy tile action there, Sticksy


I dont think mine comes out


Yeah fuck it I’ll get a new washing machine.


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