Can everyone please clean their washing machine filters when they get home (now if you already are)


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I have no idea how to check my washing machine filter.


Washing Machines. Great, aren’t they? Fabric softener is awful. Makes your clothes smell weird and feel greasy. I keep it simple. Powder in the middle tray. Done. Currently looking for any excuse to get a new one, so won’t be dicking about with this filter malarkey until I have a machine worth maintaing.

Tumble dryer. Not a big fan of the concept of this appliance, to be honest. More inclined to air dry wherever possible. I clean the lint off the filters when I do the vacuuming.

Moving on. Dishwashers. I bung a two-colour tab into the little drawer/cupboard thing and that’s that. Have never used salt. Or cleaner, or whatever. That’s all an old-school caper, right? Or am I on the road to blockage central? The chunks of food seem to be going somewhere without causing an issue. Do dishwashers have some sort of macerator to deal with that crap? What do you feed your dishwasher?


I pride myself in my dishwater maintenance, salt it up about once a month and clean the filter, it looks as good a s new.
Not sure what the salt does though?


It softens the water, innit.


I don’t use it anymore - never noticed the difference so stopped buying it.