Can I do the evening thread please?


Haven’t made one of these sort of threads for ages!

Bought a couple of buds from the corner shop, they taste really nice!

Nothing on the cards this evening, been sat in front of the computer all day so looking forward to a bath and a podcast or something.

Hope you have great things planned for your evenings!


hey big man!

tonight i have a packed schedule of admin-type things but i will be doing it while eating spag bol so that’s okay


Doing a fucking play, feeling shite


NO! (Yes).
Tonight’s plans: I have some laundry to do. Fucking hell.


haven’t had a spag bol for years! I bet it’s well tasty, I imagine you’re really good at cooking, you seem like the sort :wink:


oh that’s awesome, what play? You’re an actor? Why haven’t you talked about this before???


It’s only amateur stuff, I pretty much play myself every time! My mate wrote the play it’s only 20 mins but is incredibly great and funny


that’s brilliant! You’re yet another talented DiSer! Gosh there’s so many!

Make sure you link to a youtube of it or something some day


i am def one of those people that’s gotten good at enough dishes to feel like he’s eating different things often enough. i go to pieces if i’m doing something new and take AGES to follow recipes but once i’ve got it i’ve got it. fucking love a spag bol and they’re really hard to fuck up :smiley:


gonna probably play vidya and eat something. gotta get up early tomorrow FOR SCHOOL.


I’ll learn to cook something beyond jacket potatos/cheese on toast some day


what vidya?


tbf jacket potatoes are a gift from the gods


they’re so great. I’m basically vegetarian without trying now. Just easier and nicer not to bother eating meat


bloodborne probably, although it depresses the fuck out of me every time I play.


just gonna bask in the fact that I went into work today and the internet and phones were down so they told me to just take the day off and I went to the cinema by myself instead


think I’m too old like all my fast muscles in my hands aren’t good enough for a game like that now. Wanna get into some old man chin-stroker strategy game soon


still at work even though i have nothing to do coz the person who needs to sign off what i’ve done has been mugging me off for 2 hours and now they’re in a meeting. ffs.


ah that’s a brilliant day! Was it snowing too?


I’m sure there was some crazy thread the other week where someone said that jacket potatoes were rubbish…