Can I get you anything to drink?

Anything you fancy?

Might I have a Mai Tai?

Ooh I don’t know, what’s in that?

Gin and tonic would be lovely, thanks.

We’ve got gin, but the tonic’s a couple of weeks old and a bit flat, is that alright?

I’m alright thanks

Are you sure? Have you eaten?

I’m not fussy.

Rum, curacao or Cointreau, lime, orange, pineapple, with a cherry on top. Ta.

got a glass of red on the go already thanks chief

Oh good, do you want a slice of lemon or something in it?

Oh God, we’ve got a bottle of some coffee liquor or something at the back of the cupboard here I’m sure, let me take a look.

Oh yes! Well you’re alright then!

You would’ve thought you’d have stocked up before asking this question :roll_eyes:

That’d be nice is you’ve got it, thanks.

Sorry love, but I’m not a mind reader lol

Oh good we used the last of it last night, shall I put a squeeze of Jif in there for you or nah?

Caipirinha squire

Hmmph. Can I have a Baileys then please?

A beer as I really don’t fancy waiting for one.