Can I get you anything to drink?

Ooh alright then, Jim brought a bottle of-


Jim? What’s it called?

From Brazil.

Saggy teeba?

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Oh I tell you what. We got this stuff from Lidl, it’s like Bailey’s but with more of a kick. Let me pour you a glass.

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Sounds good :+1:

We’ve got Carling bach, that ok?

Red stripe?

Great! Do you mind drinking from a mug, only Lloyd forgot to put the dishwasher on twpsyn bach

milk but not from a cow please

The words have got a bit of red on them love, you want a glass?

No thanks

We’ve got some fizzy pop, do you want some fizzy pop?

Nah, I’m good out of the tin. No need to waste water washing that up

what colour?

Ah alright then, do want a tea or something then?

Browny purple it is, I dunno, it was on offer from Macro, German it is

I’ll have one of these please

Ah you’re a goodun, hey, cheers!

Oh! Hahaha, sure you will! Say, you wouldn’t want my feet in your drink dew dew

If you’re giving me a mug full, sure

Of course love, the night is young, help yourself honestly!

tea please