Can I get you guys to run a quick test for me please? - Optional

Next time you guys go to the toilet at work, would you possibly be able to see whether you can simultaneously touch each of the four walls of the cubicle (or three walls and door) with your hands and feet? (EG, one hand on one wall, the other hand on another wall, one foot on another wall and the other foot on the final wall (or door))

Thanks in advance

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I’m not in work but I know I can’t in either the upstairs one as it’s too long (armspan(!) isn’t an issue here) for my legs to reach and downstairs is too much of a big square shape.

It simply can’t be done

Thanks Gonad, I appreciate the engagement nonetheless

My pleasure

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Definitely can but don’t want to because the cubicles are grotty

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Do you have any gloves on you? (Also shoes/socks)

No need to wait. I definitely couldn’t reach the door at the very least.

but I’d fall over?!

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No gloves I’m afraid!


I’m afraid to say I can’t. Close but not cigar

cos both my feet would be splayed across 2 walls, while my arms on some other walls. It’s quite dangerous

I did say it was optional tbf to me

do you mean while sat on the toilet?
I would have to take my trousers off as they would impede the splaying of my legs

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No, I don’t mean while sat on the toilet. I’m not a fucking animal.


Imagine if I did this. Went to the toilet and took my trousers off when sat there so I had a better chance of succeeding, but then had a very bad fall while doing it and needed assistance and people came in and saw me with my trousers off and everyone was like “why were your trousers off?” and eventually I explained that someone on the internet told me to do it and then there was a new story out warning about the Toilet MOMO


I have just carried out the test.
For reference the cubicle is in a corner. There is wall behind and to the right, with a door partition to the left and a partition to the front. It is also worth noting that the partitions do not go to the floor with approximately a 10 cm gap at the bottom.

I could only manage this feat by sitting down, mainly due to the gaps at the bottom of each parition.

I placed my left hand on the back wall, my left foot on the left cubicle door, my right foot on the front partition and my right hand on the right wall.

I do not believe it would be possible to do whilst standing up. I hope these test results are to your satisfaction.


a sitter! yes, see @anon5266188 YOU’RE THE ANIMAL!

Thank you very, VERY much

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tried, failed. Fell and smashed my face into the pan. I have wet hair and smell of poo. Probably should have flushed before I tried.