Can I get you guys to run a quick test for me please? - Optional

Or you could have tried before pooing?

where would the danger be in that approach ?

I guess you could still injure yourself successfully

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gonna go do this now. BRB

  • You’ve got this
  • You’ll fall in piss

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Actually Ant, I just tried again but I need your adjudication if this counts as successful.

Facing towards the toilet, left hand on left wall, right hand on right partition door. Toes of right foot touching the front wall and about 1cm of my left heal touching the back partition.

As the whole of my feet were not touching the walls, so I fear I will be disqualified?

No, this is perfectly valid and counts as a successful attempt. The fact that you sought clarification is a testament to your character.

I can do it when resting part of one heel on the floor.
The real test is suspending your whole body from the ground but I don’t think the partition wall would accommodate my bodybuilder weight.

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How will you know if you don’t try…

Oh, I did try but the wall looked like it was going to give in and didn’t want someone to come in and see my fingers hanging over the top of the door like I was getting a really good blowjob or something

This was my big fear.

I just ran this test. Whilst turned to face the wall, at a 90 degree angle to the bowl, I could successfully accomplish the feat, with hands wide like an aeroplane, touching the door and the back wall, and feet stretched to touch the side walls.

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Nope. Nice and spacious here. There’s a shower too!

Within the cubicle!?

I imagine I could but I won’t be near those toilets for at least 4 days

Wouldn’t be too much to ask for you to just nip in on a day off would it?


I feel you Theo, we’ve all got that person at our place of work


Could I?

  • Yes
  • No

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Behind and to the right
Behind and to the right
Behind and to the right

No cubicle. It’s a little room. A larger person that me might just about be able to do it, but not me.

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Thank you for your efforts nonetheless

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