Can I have your proposal for next years DiS trends by COP Friday please?

Teapigs Presents: Wednesday

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Can you start looking in to how to keep that momentum going in to Q2 please?

reckon there’ll be a wine thread with over 1000 posts



I’ll commit to an Easter Egg Thread

I’m buying shares early in a rumoured @PocketMouse Christmas thread revival #fingerscrossed

Thanks, let’s review key learnings in your mid year appraisal.

Thanks boss. Have the comp plans come out yet for FY19?

Halloween thread in January

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Vegan thread board takeover


Reckon everyone is going to get into larping

Still waiting on final projections from the Finnish office but feel free to socialise your inputs ahead of that.

Just to expand on this, what I’ll be looking for is jump scares within threads.

So like a skelington will jump out about a third of the way into a thread about whether or not tins should be stored upside down or whatever and from that point the next few posts will be like “AHHHH!” and “EEK!” and then the thread gets back on track but then maybe the thread goes into dark mode and there are no posts and everyone is dead tense and then it goes back into light mode but suddenly a post by Balonz is appearing as if it’s been made by Pervo or something and the next few posts are people going “wait… what is going on here…” and then suddenly a ghoul leaps out of the screen or something.

Stuff like that.


Nu-Rave in gifs.

looking for at least a 20% increase in shaming of meat eaters

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Lots of threads about Berlin but next year they’ll be about the band, not the city

A big name current pop star will die.

Tattoos are Tory


as you know the board has a yearly 20% increase of shaming multiple groups of people

Going to eat a lot of peaches