Can I interest you in a barrel of fish?



Point where you like. You’re going to take a deserving target down.


What am I meant to be getting angry about here?


no thank you colin


goodluck hope.


goodluck, jonathan


docklands is ‘funny’ because at least i spose it’s not been gentrified. it’s gone from nothing to insanely expensive apartments in one move.


Inappropriate use of Crittall windows? I dunno.

I can see this development from here. I wondered what it was. Now I know. It looks awful.


good idea


I like the benches that look a bit like a boat. everyone can come out, sit down and stare at each other while they wonder why they moved there.


“at least we can nip to…



I’d gladly live in the Docklands


This bit actually doesn’t look too bad. It’s the ‘London CIty Island’ behind the Goodluck Hope which looks rubbish:


Massive Decathlon for all their cycling needs.


actually you know what maybe i’m okay with them all being penned in at docklands.


casinobaying themselves into the Thames.


slowly becoming part of the ecosystem, creating new islands which the government can build luxury apartments on


Alright actually this is one for @marckee - where would you most like to build a house from scratch in London if money wasn’t an issue?


Creatives are coming to docklands with nothing but a glint in their eye, hope in their hearts, £70k cash, and a salary twice the national average.


river taxi does sound kind of cool though. how was your shit journey on the tube, yeah? me? i beat the crowd mate, river taxi.


an ambitious award-winning project, formerly a margarine works,

How much “work” does margarine require?