Can I just post my crowdfunder here?

Hey gang!

As some of you will have picked up on, I’m in the process of building up a new feminist film festival from scratch. We’ve just launched it online this week, amongst other things with a crowdfunding campaign to get word spreading and to get people involved. After posting it on Wednesday, we’ve already reached about £500 – out of a total goal of £5000, so we’re pretty stoked! (This is only a small part of the total festival budget, ftr.)

I just wanted to post it here to show those who are interested a bit about what I’m working on, and of course in case anyone should feel like they want to contribute. Now, seeing as the festival is in Norway, it won’t be something that you guys can easily attend – unless you like, sponsor the whole festival in which case I will fly you in and personally see to your every need during the festival or indeed whenever.

Hope that isn’t weird or whatever, but I’ve been working so hard on this for a long time, that I just want to spread it around as much as I can :slight_smile:

Also, a handy opportunity for you guys to practice your Norwegian reading skills or laugh at google translate! Qulaity stuff for a Friday.

Here we go:


If you translate with Google and go to donate it shows £ but still seems to process the donation as Kr.

Just FYI

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Oooh, I hadn’t even thought that it might look different like that!

For anyone who cba do use a currency calculator, one £ is roughly ten NOK. So when it says we’ve raised 5000 kr/NOK, that’s roughly £500. (The exact key obviously changes all the time with fluctuations in the currency rates etc)

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Omg thank you so much Ant :heart:

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It looks like you can!

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Amazing what technology these days will let you do!!

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took me a wee while to read, but think i understood most of it :slight_smile:

good luck WR

hopefully i’ve not fucked up the currency conversion :grimacing:

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Tusen takk :heart::heart: