Can I make a music board thread please?

It can be about anything

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Knock yourself out champ

I’m a nobody though so take my approval with a pinch of salt.

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cheers buddy!

I don’t have clever or eclectic enough tastes for this board really

Oh don’t worry about that. No one does!

I worry we are turning this into a social thread now which is not what you wanted.

yeah you got me there!

which is better?

  • guitar
  • piano

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although give me a keytar any day of the week!

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I tried to play the accordion once. Impossible!

Takes at least 5-10 goes to master i reckon so don’t be too hard on yourself. persevere and a world of opportunity awaits!

I got one from a charity shop many years back, there’s tonnes of buttons on it that all play different complex chords, no idea if there’s a logic to how they’re laid out or anything

nah, i’m clueless. I had a mate who picked one up and managed to get a good few tunes out if it - but he was one of those annoying bastards who can do the same on any instrument.

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