Can people stop using 'legitimately' all the time

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Literal this

I’m here for this.


Hearing a bit of people using ostensibly instead of obviously lately, because they’re clued up enough to know saying obviously all the time makes you sound daft, but too daft to know they don’t mean the same thing, and saying obviously is redundant most of the time anyway.

I hope nobody minds me using this thread as a home for my own word usage irks


Jamie Redknapp in Super Sunday last week - “He’s legitimately had him for breakfast there, Jeff”.

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This is the same guy who said the young Michael Owen was literally a greyhound, though.

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been listening to legal testimony from a high profile murder trial recently (don’t ask) and one of the lawyers keeps saying ‘nucular’ instead of nuclear and the JUDGE keeps asking people to be more ‘pacific’. these are professional law-talking guys and it’s doing my absolute nut in.

I could but I don’t want to pick on individuals.

People using legitimately is life. I cant even.


don’t care

legitimately don’t care

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aggpass said people using legitimately is life and he couldn’t even and i was here for it

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There’s a couple of jokes or references in this thread I don’t understand.

We need to talk about how Chrissy Tiegggthingy won the internet again when aggpass said people using legitimately is life and he couldn’t even and i was here for it. A thread /1

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:clap:That :clap: moment :clap: when :clap: legitimately :clap: is :clap: life :clap: and :clap: we :clap: could :clap: not :clap: even :clap:

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But how else will ordinary working people express their legitimate concerns?


Legitimate examples of words used in my year 13s’ a level English essays:


There were more but I’ve legitimately tried to wipe them from my mind