Can somebody start the Wednesday Evening thread?

Id like to post about the fact that im about to eat my tea and am watching bake off repeats after totally forgetting to book a room for band practice tonight.

Then others could perhaps post about their own evenings if they so wish.

Okay, I’ll do it now

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I’m at work until 8 on support. One of the customer systems has been down today (not down to us, but the customers been funny about it apparently).

I know nothing about it really (I just have some notes) and I’m only covering from 5:30 to 8. I’m praying that the phone doesn’t ring.

Office, lol. Went dowstairs to the cafe just over an hour ago to get some dinner and I was like 13 minutes late and they’d closed the kitchen. GODDAMMIT

In the band doghouse, eh? :frowning:

Not really, mainly me who’s annoyed coz we cant afford to lose the time :confused: please close this thread though!

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