Can someone ban Theo for changing his picture too much?



Ban yourself if you like.


Thank you.


I fully accept I’ve done it a bit too much.

I wasn’t happy with the toothbrush one. I tried the cat gif in the hope it would animate but it didn’t. And I got a lot of negative comments about it so I was looking for a new one. The last straw was realising it looked really like @grievoustim’s one so I have now used a picture of a Moroccan coin I was passed as a £2 coin recently.


negative comments? why?


I changed mine and I’m not sure if I like it or not.


@plasticniki didn’t like it. Someone else pointed out the contrast sucked (probably @ericthefourth)


why didn’t they like it? It’s a cat? I’m confused.


can I make a suggestion?


yeah theo wise up


Yeah theo.


Everyone - you KNOW what you need to do?




Theo has gone too far this time


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I hate that the coin isn’t perfectly alligned with the circle :confounded: @1101010


Might fix it tomorrow but it seems I have a LOT of users to ban first.