Can someone else make the evening thread?


feel like i’ve made it loads lately


Hoping this is chocolate but you never know round here


My flatmate left me a note, which I put in the bin then took the bin out. I’m in a petty mood but going to see Rope and some other cool bands.



still out in california. aye, it’s sunny and that but can I find any milk to put in a cup of coffee? can I fuck. all they have is that shitey powdered fuckoffee mate, it’s a shocking state of affairs.


Off to the film festival opening shindig.


guys this isn’t the evening thread!!

we’re having spinach paneer toinght. i’m genuinely excited about it.


I’m playing football at nine. I’ll enjoy it by the time I get there but can’t really be arsed.


Got a formal complaint about being racist because of something that happened when I was on leave.

For some reason, my management don’t seem to like this “excuse”.

I seriously am debating whether jumping under a train is better than this.


you are clearly mistaken


:heart:️ Paneer so much


a question for yas. have you ever been contacted when you’ve not got a job and they say they’ll keep your C.V. in case anything else comes up in the future etc etc

  • actually… yes! (pls give details)
  • hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… no

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just booked a holiday to Malta for next month which is good

got to email someone to ask for something, but I know they just lost a close friend and colleague and I dont know whether it’s too insensitive. I think I’ll wait a couple of days?


Applied for the DWP when I was about 18 and they rang me about 7 months later (after never getting in touch with an initial response :s)


My answer is Yes but I have never been offered a job by any of those places.

I can only assume that they either told me they’d be in touch in order to get rid of me, or that nobody has left those places or retired in the years since.


yeah same. got turned down for a job (which in fairness i didn’t really want and didn’t interview well for) and every now and then they’ll call me and go ‘we need you to come for 2 weeks URGENTLY!!!’ but then i never hear back from them. tw@ts.


Utterly beat after a day of house admin. Was all going well until I got home. Fuck it.

Cracked a beer, going to read the papers and make a list of shit I need to do tomorrow. Cannot wait for Friday so I can fuck off to Dublin to see Girl Band and some top DiS-ers.


Home alone tonight. Having a steak and watching in the loop. I wish James Gandolfini was still alive.


Evening folks. Cracked a bottle of red and doing some life admin.


Oh, have we discussed on here about Phillip Pullman doing a companion trilogy to His Dark Materials? Great, isn’t it?


anyone got any good music recommendations for me tonight?