Can someone explain to me why I am in Moth Country


Thank you


Actually, I know why. Just not sure how


or who…


It’s also a butterfly, dickheads.


I love moths. With their furry wee jackets :hugging:


what are you on about big lad?


Sorry - yes. I went a bit ‘Jordan numbers’ with the thread title.

This appeared next to my username last week:

I didn’t put it there so someone with the know-how and wherewithall added it. Was just wondering who, and how


Theo has marked you for death.




You’ll be fine as long as you’ve packed your thermos.

[You won’t be fine. In moth country someone always dies.]


(* no one can hear you scream)


Sorry, you just seemed to have a real issue with my Moth Country joke so I updated your description last week.

I’m pretty sure you can change it in your own profile settings actually, maybe you can just blank it out.


I want to keep it.
Was curious.


It seems barely a day goes by without Theo abusing his mod power in some new and awful way.

Are we going to stand for this?



If you view the forum with a device that has the latest Emoji set (like my phone) you get a little butterfly after it too.


come come my lady


Like this


Is it the “Location” field?


No, it’s a field called ‘Title’. I think you may only be able to see it if you’re a high enough level on the board?