Can someone explain where we at with Brexit?

Is it armageddon or what? All the news is contradictory. I understand the economy is doing ok but may fuck up soon?

Things are fucking up a bit and it hasn’t happened yet so things are about to fuck up a whole lot more. That’s my understanding of it anyway.

Still had enough of experts AFAIK


Everything’s absolutely fine mate, false alarm. Just enjoy having your country back.

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Mate, Brexit MEANS Brexit.


Basically they are waiting till November 8th and the American general election. Donald Trump has proclaimed himself “Mr Brexit” so they’re waiting to see if he wins and then they get Double Brexit.

oho, DOUBLE brexit you say??

Haha you big bunch of sore losers. Project fear lost!

Brexit :v:

I was wondering if we’d see another crash of the pound this morning or similar. May’s going for a ‘hard Brexit’ it seems, complete isolationism and I wonder how many corporations will now be seeking to confirm a move of their main business into Europe. I can’t see why any of them would choose to stay working out of the UK unless the next move is to simply drop corporation tax to almost nothing and become like the Bahamas.

HARD BREXIT/soft brexit Referendum

Was reading stuff about whether it’s a Parliamentary or Crown prerogative to invoke withdrawal from a treaty, and how a currently unknown number of secondary legislation might cease to have legal effect and stuff this morning.

Then I remembered that I’m a pretend lawyer at best and don’t know the first fucking thing about constitutional law and went back to reading about card games and felt better for it.

Really looking forward to all this sovereignty, though.

Should mean the queen can get a bit more fucking respect when she goes on holiday. That’s the main thing.


Your pound is even less worth abroad than it was last week. Down 13% since the referendum.
But everyone hates the foreigns so no need to go on holiday to another country ever again.


It’s a real issue, to be honest.

There should be another referendum to determine how people want this to happen. (I would ask it also include a vote of ‘don’t bother, let’s stay’.) But without a referendum on that, if this goes to a vote in parliament, I wonder if we’ll then get wrangling about the form of the exit.

Apparently the pound is dropping cos of talk of hard Brexit.

I hate the word Brexit.

I feel like I don’t have a country anymore.

Ruppert was right again - the global system will temporarily recover from recession before totally collapsing in different ways in different places. I reckon he’s been vindicated over the last two years.

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.

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don’t worry mate, you’ll get it back once we’ve done a hard brexit


You’ve got it back, though. That’s the main thing.

Condolences! The bums lost! My advice is to do what your parents did: get a job, sir!


Me too. So much sovereignty!

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