Can someone explain where we at with Brexit?

When the Conservatives have a majority, it seems like a very weak move for a Labour MP to vote against Corbyn and possibly against the will of their own constituents. Little to gain and a lot to lose. Part of the reason I think this vote will end up being straightforward.

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Which isn’t to say that members in strongly pro-EU states won’t vote to remain, just that I don’t expect a massive rebellion

I don’t think the vote will be straightforward. The ruling gives Labour an opportunity to challenge the governments interpretation of Brexit. They can vote against the Tories motion to enact Article 50 whilst still in principle supporting the concept of Brexit - they just don’t support the one the Tories are offering.

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yeah no doubt. i just don’t think they’re all going to go anti-brexit which is what OM was talking about

yeah this makes sense, I’d actually rather May just trigger it and then Labour can start campaigning for EFTA or something similar to ensure worker’s rights, free movement of people and human rights maintained.

I know it won’t make much difference in the long run, but today’s verdict at least gives us the amusing sight of the Telegraph/Mail/Express/Sun losing their shit because for once they didn’t get their way. I guess when you get your way 99% of the time it must be annoying when it doesn’t happen.

I’m not finding those front pages amusing at all. They’re horrific, fascistic and dangerous.


just spotted someone on facebook under the impression that that referendum was about Ireland leaving the EU. fuck sake.

“EU have got there way. We will never leave. This reeks of involvement. Ireland couldn’t leave and made them retake the vote. What has happened here is exactly the same without the demand of another vote. Farcical.”

Yeah, it’d be funny if these publications weren’t shaping the outlooks of millions of (now very angry) people. It’s very very worrying and it’s not going to get any better. What a spiteful can of worms this whole issue has opened.

so much this^

Was gonna mention the media here but thought it was long enough already. Thought we’d see stuff like what’s in the front pages today, it’s still shocking to see it there for real though.

Kind of gross that the DM and other papers seem to be digging into the personal lives of the Supreme Court Justices.

Between the papers today and the US election, I really feel like the news is properly affecting my mental health. Is that totally wet of me?

Nah it’s thoroughly dispiriting stuff, might take a couple of days off reading about politics for awhile.

Nope. It’s not unusual apparently. It’s def affected my moods this year. I think about Brexit every day with sheer disbelief and frustration.

Tom Jones’ first draft wasn’t quite as chart-friendly


is that real?

yep, was a comment under LBC’s post of James O’Brien’s latest rant

Tory MP Stephen Phillips has RESIGNED over the government’s approach to parliamentary scrutiny of Brexit. Or something.

Is this a constitutional crisis yet? Probably not.

I think I’ll stay stuck in stage 2 forever