Can someone explain where we at with Brexit?

Once more into the Breeches

It’s reallÉ-péeing me off, mate

Or we will fight them in Breeches

when all you need is a knife?

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This is a thread containing linked content from Farage, Hannan, Raab and Gove and THIS is easily the worst thing in it.


If I remember rightly, head of the IMF Christine EnGarde was warning against it.

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Some rapier with in this thread.

You sound a bit piste off, mate.



That’s a harsh riposte.


^Nigel Barrage

i find it kind of funny how Brexiters keep using the Lisbon Treaty as an argument for Brexit. Sure, Irish people groaned about it at the time, but the same Irish people all think the UK are insane for voting to leave.

Not for the feint of heart.

To be fair, this wasn’t using it as an argument for Brexit, it was in response to me saying I thought the fear of the referendum result being ignored were highly OTT. (I still do.)

ah, fair, i was skimreading the thread, but i have seen plenty of Brexiters bring it up on Twitter etc.

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triggering is for special snowflakes m8, everyone knows that

Jezza speaks!

Not surprising. I’m very concerned about Labours actions in the result of this. A lot of Labour heartland areas voted for leave, so if the MPs go against their constituents it gives UKIP a good chance of taking away a lot of Labour votes.

Will the Labour MPs be happy with what Corbyn has ordered? Will they try to go against and ignore him?

When the Conservatives have a majority, it seems like a very weak move for a Labour MP to vote against Corbyn and possibly against the will of their own constituents. Little to gain and a lot to lose. Part of the reason I think this vote will end up being straightforward.

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Which isn’t to say that members in strongly pro-EU states won’t vote to remain, just that I don’t expect a massive rebellion