Can someone find this guitarist for me?

I’m going out on a major fucking limb here, but I found this thread on here ages ago which I’ve since been unable to find. It was something along the lines of sad emotional instrumental music. And someone posted a few tracks by this guitarist on there, it was acoustic guitar, and I guess youd call it neoclassical but I’m not great with genres. He had quite an ordinary name from what I remember, and one of his albums had a picture of an eagle or some kind of bird on it. And if i remember correctly, some of the tracks or album names also referenced birds in some capacity.

That’s all I’ve got haha. Cheers!

Possibly RM Hubbert? His first album had a crow on the cover.

No bird references in the song names though…

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That’s not the one. Very nice though


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Vic Chesnutt?

Robbie Basho?

Hmm doesn’t quite fit this brief actually

I was thinking of William Tyler or Richard Bishop initially, but then remembered all the bird iconography in Alasdair’s music. (prob wrong though)

James blackshaw - the glass bead game?
Instrumental guitar
Think that might be a bird on the cover.
Very deeply beautiful

If it isn’t right you should listen to it anyway


This is the one! Thanks man :slight_smile:


Boom! What do I win? :slight_smile:

Nothing, I’m afraid.

Ah man. So beautiful.


This is some of the most glorious music I have heard in a very long time.

Cheers OP for the asking and @Scagden for the knowing.