Can someone help me identify a song that was on the radio yesterday?


If it’s any help, it was on around 8am yesterday on Radio 1. A fairly repetitive vocal line (male vocal?), not doing much to start with, but then the drums kind of crescendo into almost an Aphex Twin-style beat, loads of glitches and stuff all over the place.

It was quite good.




Had the singer ever been close to tragedy?


cant imagine it was quite good if its on Radio 1 at 8am


Fucking hell, it was Twenty One Pilots. Okay, someone remove my badges.


Aphex Twintyone Pilots



Instant earworm. Fuck you.


"Twenty One Pilots (stylized as TWENTY ØNE PILØTS, short TØP) "



I think I’m experiencing listener’s remorse.


alright, the American public


Do you honestly think there are that many Trump voters thinking “shit, what have we done?”


Never heard 'em, but instantly hate 'em


probably more like “What done! Have we shit?” tbf