Can someone help me remember the name of a band

The Czars?

As in More Than Words?

Among other things.


Not them

I do think it mightve been a The … name but I might be wrong

I also think a popular song of theirs may be a cover

Gin Blossoms

Edit - because I just sang Hey Jealousy in a Danzig voice and it totally worked

Goo Goo Dolls



None of these

Did you ever figure out what video was with the people queueing by the way? Drove me nuts trying to find it.

Blind Melon?
Green Jelly/Jello?

American Music Club?


Haha wish you hadn’t reminded me of that! Nope still don’t know. That ones frustrating cause its definitely not an overly obscure band but it seems impossible to find

Stephen Caulker and the jicks?


None of these. I know that their Spotify profile page makes reference to the singers way of singing and marks it as being unusual

Crash Test Dummies


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Do I get half of the prize for getting half of the answer?