Can someone help me remember the name of a band

It better not be this, as I dismissed it as too obvious to suggest.

if it’s not The Lemonheads then I am sorry but you are describing The Lemonheads

It isnt them.

I dont think they had radio hits

Urge Overkill?

Loving the low-key burn in this considering the other suggestions you’ve made for TKC

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Nope but looking at their Spotify it seems ti be the same sort of era and popularity.

Better than Ezra?

Toad The Wet Sprocket?

Buffalo Tom

None of these

I have a horrible feeling it was Lost Prophets but I’m not going to check.

It’s not some shit like Matchbox 20 is it?

Oh god it’s Marcy Playground.

I dont think it was them, they never had like a video which was gig footage did they?

Its not them dont worry

ugly kid joe?


If you’re aware of the band having a music video played on UK TV and replayed in the last 25 years or so it’s not them

I’d never come across the band before until I stumbled across them on Spotify

I mean, how long ago did you stumble? Have you like…checked your listening history, TK?

it was about a month ago but I’ve now found it

Guess who it was?

(don’t worry I won’t do that)

it was Smoking Popes

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Classic Smoking Popes. The unmemorable pranksters!