Can someone help me with a cool query about connecting a projector to a sound systems

Looking to buy a projector and sound bar. Looking at the specs and don’t know if I’ll be able to connect them up easily/optimally.

Projector outputs:

Soundbar inputs:

Looks like I’ll def be able to hook it up with some combo of mini jack to RCA or whatever, but I don’t know what a digital coaxial cable or digital optical cable are or whether they will plug into this projector.

Can any of you super cool tech dudes help a friend during the pandemic?


I thought projectors didn’t do sound, just the video from a source, e.g. your laptop.

you were wrong mate

Surely you’d plug whatever you’re putting through the projector into the soundbar, rather than the projector itself?

For example, if you’re projecting a ps4, plug the hdmi into the projector and the audio cable into the soundbar, so that the ps4 outputs video to the projector and audio to the soundbar

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Oh right yeah. So mini jack to RCA wil have to do then I guess

Need to plug the USB-C through the coaxial snog release valve, then use a CMYK port set to 1118 to synchronise the wattage (about 4/kg) past the firewall.




What is it you are projecting?

Films and tv

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Sorry, I meant more what are you projecting from, laptop, sky box etc?


Ah right. Yeah, mini jack to rca will probably do you then

A position of privilege!!!


You’re fine with the “Good” solution as long as you’re not an intolerable tech nerd. Almost all digital film screenings I have ever rigged have used the former. And yes, sound goes directly from source to sound plank, not via projector (some projectors do play a little sound but no-one uses that as it’s shit).

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you’re history’s greatest monster

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guys, smee thought you plugged the sound into the projector! ha ha!

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Love pissing off tech guys tbf

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Was thinking while Doing research for these purchases that there’s few things id like to be an expert in less than audio visual technology.

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