Can someone just tell me who morden by good shoes was about please

shes an actor, i can see her in my head

@Jeremys_Iron’s other half?

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Dame Judi Dench

Samantha Morden.

Morden via Bank

Wow, Good Shoes. I liked them. Looked like Ron Weasley.

keira knightley. it was keira knightley

oh wait the song wasnt mordon, it was small town girl

[quote]PB : There is a rumour going around that ‘Small Town Girl’ is about Keira Knightly. Is that true?

RJ : No it’s not. It’s about another girl I liked that was at our college, It’s a bit jokey really. Yhe lyrics are not as good as some of the other songs. They don’t mean as much. Keira Knightly went to the sixth form we went to called East College in Moredun, but I didn’t know her or anything. It’s just coincidental that the lyrics I made up for that could be transferred on to her. [/quote]

spelt mordon wrong tho


really maek u think