Can someone please identify about this famous song?

  1. Definitely a male vocalist
  2. Had quite Irish/Celtic vibes but could well have been by an American
  3. It’s MASSIVELY famous, but I can’t remember a single lyric
  4. It sounds a bit like the following songs:

Please help me out, especially now Song Tapper’s dead and gone. Cheers!


I think it’s Galway girl by yer man Ed sheeran


Haha, no it’s definitely not that. Think it was released in the 20th century (could be 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s though)


Reckon it’ll turn out to be Kate Bush doing Babooshka



Nah mate, I assure you it’s not one of my old trick question or WUM threads


I’m interested in what makes the song similar to those three songs that were posted. Two of them are in 3/4 time; the third (Eve of Destruction) is not, but shares with the others a reliance on acoustic guitar (or what sounds like it). Is your song in 3/4, do you remember?

The first song I thought of was “Nothing Ever Happens” by Del Amitri:

Also slightly similar is “Jimmy Newman” by Tom Paxton (also recorded by John Denver). I wouldn’t call it massively famous though:

There are probably thousands of songs that fit this description. It’s a style used in countless folk songs.


Can’t quite remember the time but it does have similar melancholy vibes to Nothing Ever Happens. It COULD be by the Levellers but it doesn’t sound like either of their two probably most famous hits (Just the One and What A Beautiful Day) and I think it was a huge hit in both the UK, US and beyond. Stumped if I can remember the year though


“Piano Man” by Billy Joel?


More a reflection on how the answer to these threads so often shows how different our written music descriptions are :grin:


I ALSO immediately thought of nothing ever happens so there must be something right in the comparison songs (except, er, it isn’t that)


Waterboys - the whole of the moon

Or maybe jump around by house of pain.


Music board has peaked


New Radicals - You Get What You Give?


That’s the one! Cheers.


Was convinced it was a Dylan one I’d only recognised as him when I posted the OP,or a Richard Marx/Marc Cohn - Walking in Memphis type guy


It’s my karaoke song


(Folds arms triumphantly)
Ask me another. :smile:


Fisherman’s Blues maybe


how the fuck do the waterboys sound like the goo goo dolls?

oh hang on