Can someone tell what the fuck this is a picture of and why Facebook might think I'm interested in it?


Suggested post on ol facey b (that joke about not being on facebook is really really tired now), no supporting text, link doesn’t go anywhere. So just this image essentially:


Well, I think I can tell you what it’s a picture of at least




Google reverse image search for you Smee


not even on facebook pal


I would say it is probably a fleshlight that more than one person can enjoy being used


Well it looks like a pair of underwear with some kind of silicone vagina in the crotch


for when she’s got a headache but doesn’t mind a bit of “dry” humping?




I certainly wouldn’t want to speculate about any of this


Is it a wrong-way-round guff collector?


come check out my guff collection its the biggest in Western Europe