Can’t see KFC lasting



Isn’t it booming in Asia?


There’s one round the corner from me. Never been in it.


Cheap chicken shop >>>> kfc >>>>>>> posh ‘craft’ fried chicken.


The set themselves up for a fall years ago when they didn’t get the copyright right, and you had all the other “XXXX fried chicken” places cropping up that they couldn’t sue.

Given how many alternatives there are now, would anyone actually miss KFC?


12-24 months


What’s that in years?


Merging with games workshop


I present to you

A Portsmouth institution


It must break Colonel Sander’s little heart every time he drives past.


You can’t beat this one in Manchester for punny-ness


If Colonel Sanders is so smart how come he’s dead etc.


KFC is horrible, dont think ive ever finished one


I’m so indie I’ve never even been into one




Ha amazing.


I don’t know the KFC near me always has a queue




My brother and I are both certain we saw a kfc in China where colonel sanders didn’t have glasses and had eyes like this instead


Quite rate a KFC tbh