Can’t see KFC lasting

was expecting more zingers in here tbh


this has reminded me that I have a £5 voucher for KFC that expires on Saturday after I whinged on Twitter when they forgot to give me some popcorn chicken. Dinner sorted :+1:

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In Japan KFC is a common Christmas Day dinner.

always thought kfc should do turkey for christmas. proper opportunity missed. the colonel hasn’t been replying to my emails on the subject.

The Zinger burger is the pinnacle of fast food.

They give me terrible shits the next day. I can handle spice fine too, no idea why.

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I quite like it, I normally go to the KFC near me once a month before I go to the local theatre. Quite a ritual now.

Not eaten one in years

Edit: spoiler is for a gross picture of KFC brains food

Me too. I still love it though.

There’s a Crownchy Fried Chicken near me

Best one near me is ‘My Flavourite Chicken’

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Had a megabox for lunch. Absolutely delicious. 10/10.