Can’t wait for this


Just beautiful

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Have booked that exact period off for shared parental leave. Very neat and tidy.

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When’s it happening?


looks like you’re spending an awful lot on candles there


If only every month could be as organised as February 2021


which means 2021 has no February

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Drink it in.


February’s the best month. They should all be 28 days tbh. With thirteeen 28-day months, I think that still leaves us a day short, so idk, just call New Year’s Day “BEGINNING DAY” or sutin. Just gotta come up with a name for the 13th month. Asparagus.

Yeah bang up for that.

Reestablish the French Revolutionary Calendar!

I hope you have a lovely tridi 13 Pluviôse.

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I love that! :boom::boom:

I studied this period for my degree and having to translate the dates from the Revolutionary calendar to the one we use was an absolute pain in the bum

I read China Mieville’s book on the Russian revolution which is called October and in the foreward he has to clarify that actually it all happened in November but they used a different calendar, very confusing!

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I’ve been accused of far worse! I hope you have a lovely Tridi 13 Pluviôse too, but I know you wouldn’t brag about it.

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