Can the site not just auto-delete drafts after an hour or so?

So annoying how it keeps adding bits of an old reply that you abandoned to a current reply you’re doing in a completely different thread to a completely different user.

Why don’t you just press the bin symbol rather than just minimising the draft box though? :nerd_face:


No one else has this problem because they just reply, you coward! :grinning:

same reason people don’t immediately delete tweet or email drafts, i guess. I mean i use the bin symbol eventually but only after the process of annoyance.
Not a massive deal but it’s an annoyance, dunno about anyone else/

For illustration purposes I wasn’t going to press send on this reply, but didn’t want to delete it in case i changed my mind - so went to another thread and was going to reply to someone and the above text ^ was of course inserted. Just doesn’t seem user-friendly.
Don’t want to sound like I’m demanding it be fixed but it’s just a suggestion/feedback.

I see! Just not something I had ever really considered before, tbh. Will have a look around in the settings and see if it’s something that can easily be changed.

So this is actually a useful feature, which is that you can reply to a post from one thread inside a different thread and the link is still there AFAIK (or is if you quote). So we shouldn’t turn it off @whiterussian

In terms of thread-based drafts, if you close down the tab the site is in like I just did and then go back to the forum, you’ll find the draft stays with the thread. You can go and reply to another thread etc. then when you come back to this one the draft box pops up with your half-done reply. I’m not sure there’s any way to do this without switching browser tabs though.

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You’re best off contacting Discourse themselves who programme the forums rather than posting here.

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Well, that usually goes through me/us so posting here is fine :blush:

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Although if it’s not a feature then Sean’s right that raising it on their meta forums is the only way it might one day be.

Sure, but we’ve never asked individual forum users to do that.