Can they send ice cream in the post now?

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What’s upsdogs?


Yes, but it might melt.

Oh for goodness sake

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Thought at least one person on here would have claimed to have been ordering mail order ice cream throughout lockdown by now

Might sign up to Instagram just to follow this account

There are many enjoyable dog related accounts on the Instagram platform Ant

Yeah, I sure love dogs too so it could be worth exploring. On the other hand, I also spend too much of my time mindlessly scrolling through Twitter as it is.

Just follow the damn account


Cool (your) Jets?

I apologies

I was making a reference!

Please explain

In the game GTA San Andreas there is a notoriously difficult mission where a character (CJ) has to follow a train. The cut-scene for failing the mission was another character saying “All you had to do was follow the damn train CJ” so I said “CJ” after you said “follow the damn account”

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Let’s go bowling!

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I get this reference!

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Me too @Antpocalypsenow, me too

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he was threatening to kill you and dump you in a canal in amsterdam